NamIGF 2018 Public Call for Issues 

The 2018 Namibia Internet Governance Forum (NamIGF) Working Group hereby issues a Public Call for Issues to be ‎discussed at the 2018 Forum, scheduled for 06 November 2018. ‎
As a multistakeholder body, it is very important that the NamIGF is responsive and in-tune with the dynamics of our local ‎context. It is thus our responsibility to ensure that citizens have a say in what issues are discussed at the Forum. ‎

About the NamIGF:‎
The NamIGF is an annual event, mandated to -‎
•    Discuss public policy issues related to key elements of Internet Governance (IG) in order to foster the sustainabil-‎ity, robustness, security, stability and development of the Internet in Namibia; ‎
•    Facilitate the exchange of information and best practices, and make full use of the expertise of the academic, me-‎dia, human rights and free expression, legal, public as well as the information and communication technology ‎‎(ICT) sectors; ‎
•    Make recommendations on how to accelerate the availability and affordability of the Internet in Namibia; ‎
•    Identify, highlight and discuss emerging IG issues with stakeholders and the general public, and where appropri-‎ate, make recommendations;  ‎
•    Build the capacity of stakeholders on IG, fully drawing on local, continental and international sources of ‎knowledge and expertise; ‎
•    Facilitate solution and consensus building on IG issues that are of particular concern to end-users; ‎
•    Publish its proceedings.

How to submit your Issue:‎
•    Please note that issue submissions should be a maximum of 500 characters and should not be in bullet point ‎form.‎
•    The call for issues is open to everyone living and working in Namibia.‎
•    Please e-mail your suggestion to: [email protected]

Please also add the following details:‎
•    Your name & surname
•    The region you are based in
•    Your age
•    Your gender

Issue Selection Process:‎
•    The NamIGF 2018 Working Group will review the public’s suggestions in terms of their relevance to the Namibian ‎context. ‎
•    The Working Group will identify the suggested issues that best suit a thematic approach for 2018.‎
•    A Public Call for Workshops, based on the chosen thematic approach, will be issued thereafter.‎

This Public Call is available on our website:
Facebook: Namibia Internet Governance Forum
Twitter: @NamibiaIGF ‎

Closing date: Friday, 24 August 2018‎